Honesty has been the beating heart of our business practices since our founding in 1960.  After using his hard-earned Montgomery G.I. Bill to attend grading school, Donald Kuhrt faithfully established Kuhrt Lumber and operated the bustling sawmill for the remainder of his life.  At that time, his son, Kevin Kuhrt became the company president and continued to conduct business according to the value-based principles of his father, while moving into the manufacturing of hardwood flooring, paneling, molding, and custom products.  Both men persevered through devastating fires; for which the company’s recovery required the same dedication and determination that you will find in each piece of today’s workmanship.

Kuhrt Lumber has established itself in today’s marketplace as a lean, workshop-driven manufacturer.  Each piece of product is handled by one of three craftsmen who are directly responsible for the continued success and improvement of the company name.  In Kuhrt Lumber, you will find a trusted friend and proud craftsmen who will work with you to deliver exactly what you are looking for.  Please take time to consider the information offered on our site and contact us to explore the possibilities available to you.

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